Short Stories

 Edged in Silver: A short story in the Encircled anthology
(*released April 16th, 2019 from the Ever Afters*)

Melia has always felt more at home in Bradaigh Forest than among her high school peers, despite her parents’ insistence that danger lurks behind its beautiful, silver-lined trees. Befriending a dryad prince only adds to the forest’s allure. But when Melia becomes trapped in the dryad world, she realizes too late she should’ve heeded her parents’ warning. In this contemporary fantasy retelling of Snow White, Melia’s struggle to return home draws her further into the magic of Bradaigh, uncovering secrets of the dryad realms and her own family in the process.


Threshold: A short story in the Mythical Doorways anthology
(*released March 27, 2018 from The Fellowship of Fantasy*)

Heidi has spent her childhood torn between two realities. In her ordinary life, she spends time with her family, hangs out with friends at school, and plays on the tennis team. Then there’s Lockwood, a fantasy world only she can access through a portal in her closet, where she chats with fairies, plays tricks on trolls, and goes on adventures with her friend and crush Shawn.

But as her sixteenth birthday approaches, Heidi discovers her portal is about to close. She must spend the rest of her life in only one world, and she has a week to make her choice.

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