Short Stories

"Return to Callidora" in Christmas Fiction off the Beaten Path - Princess Eveline waits for a knight to rescue her from her dragon-guarded tower, but what if the knight who carries her away can't be trusted?

"Threshold" in Mythical Doorways - Heidi's closet portal will close on her sixteenth birthday, forcing an impossible choice: give up her fantasy adventures forever, or never see her family again.

"Edged in Silver" in Encircled - Melia's childhood daydreams seem to come true when she encounters a prince in Bradaigh Forest, except he's not human...

"A Dozen Failed Rescuers" in Perchance to Dream - What if Sleeping Beauty awoke to find that the twelve princes who came to rescue her had also fallen asleep under the curse?

"A Twist of Green and Gold" in Fool's Honor - Abigail's invention could never turn straw into gold fast enough to satisfy the king. But will the quirky Green Raider who's offered to help bring a true rescue or more trouble?

"Rubbed the Wrong Way" in Stories that Sing - What's a brand-new genie to do when her brother tries to claim control of endless wishes?

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