School Visits

I enjoy speaking with middle school and high school students about writing, careers in publishing, and my own unconventional journey to becoming an author. I would love to schedule a visit to your school, library, or other student group!

Laurie Lucking’s presentation in my seventh grade Advanced English class was just the inspiration the students needed to propel them into their own creative writing pieces. She covered the importance of showing rather than telling, avoiding “weasel words,” and writing book reviews. She further explained how each would improve the quality of one’s writing. Laurie also detailed four specific ways writers approach the planning of a novel, unveiled how she tackles the outlining process herself, and emphasized the fact no one approach is better than another. Mrs. Lucking’s expertise gave my budding writers hope. They now know through practice and perseverance, they too could someday become a published author.
~Ms. Piotrowski, Waunakee Middle School 

Is your class embarking on a creative writing assignment? In my "Writing your First Novel" presentation, I share many tips I wish I'd known before I started writing, such as the various approaches to structuring a novel, point of view, showing versus telling, and next steps for aspiring authors.

Are you looking for a Career Day speaker? After collecting input from other industry professionals, I've prepared a presentation titled "Careers in Publishing" detailing the many different types of jobs involved in the publishing industry.

I would also be happy to talk with your group about what it's really like to be an author, tips for world-building and character development, or other writing-related topics - feel free to contact me and let's see what we can figure out!

Submit any inquiries through the form under the "Contact" header or to lucking . laurie @ gmail . com (remove spaces). I look forward to hearing from you!

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