Two Interviews and a Party!

Happy Holidays! It's definitely feeling like Christmas around here, with Christmas tree lights reflecting on my computer screen and snow falling outside the window. And it's been an exciting month! Today I'm featured on H.L. Burke's blog in a Random Interview, and let me tell you, those questions were RANDOM! But I had a blast answering them, and it's worth checking out the interview if only to see the hilarious questions Heidi comes up with :) You can find it here.

And back in mid-November, I got do my very first author interview with Laura Pol at Hope Through the Pages! If you're interested in discovering lesser-known fantasy / sci-fi authors, make sure to follow her blog for interviews, book trailers, and more! My interview is here, and if you check it out, you may notice the banner across the top, which leads me to...

The PARTY!! I am sooo thrilled to share that I'm going to be one of 12 featured authors in the first annual Twelve Writers of Christmas Facebook Party! If you've never attended a Facebook party, you really should give it a try. They're fun opportunities to chat with authors and fellow readers all from the comfort of your home, plus they tend to involve spectacular giveaways :) If you're convinced (or at least curious), the party is this Monday, December 12th, starting at 7:00 pm Eastern Time. My time slot is from 8:30-8:45 EST, (7:30-7:45 for my Central Time friends). I'd love to see you there!

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