Random Updates :)

Well, I don't have anything to share that's nearly as exciting as my post last month, but I've been busy getting various items ready for my publisher (for a more detailed look at the publishing process, make sure to sign up for my newsletter!), making progress on the second book in my Tales of the Mystics series, and celebrating my birthday :) I'm all official on my publisher's website now, check it out here!

It's also been a busy month for my author friends! I got to help out with THREE cover reveals over the past few weeks, which was a blast. Check out these beauties!

Speaking of cover reveals, if you've heard authors talk about them and want to know more, make sure to stop by www.landsuncharted.com on April 25th, when I'll be posting on what a cover reveal is and how you can get involved.

One last item of note is that I had the opportunity to be the very first interviewee for the New Authors' Fellowship Fresh Faces series, which you can find here. I always get a little intimidated signing up for interviews, but so far they've all been a lot of fun!

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