Encircled Cover Reveal!

You guys!!! Encircled is almost here! This book has been years in the making, so it's a dream come true (but also a little unreal!) to see all the pieces finally falling into place. And part of that is revealing its gorgeous cover! In order to make sure we found a cover everyone in the group was happy with, we went through quite a process of compiling pre-made covers, narrowing them down to three with an initial vote, and then voting again to make the final decision. I love that the cover we chose has a fabulous fairy tale feel to it, but also encapsulates the variety of time periods, settings, and genres represented by our set of stories. And it's just so pretty!!! Okay, are you ready for me to be done talking so you can see the cover? Here goes...

Scroll just a little farther...

You're almost there!

TA-DA!! See, at least all that build-up wasn't for nothing :) Many thanks to Maria Spada for this lovely design! Here's the blurb that goes along with it:

Experience six of the world's most beloved stories in a whole new light! From historical to futuristic, these retellings will take you to an enchanted forest, a cursed castle, and far beyond. Uncover secrets of a forbidden basement, a hypnotic gift, and a mysterious doll. Fall in love with a lifelong friend or brand-new crush. Venture to unknown lands on a quest to save a prince, a kingdom, or maybe even a planet. With moments of humor, suspense, romance, and adventure, Encircled has something to offer every fan of fairy tales, both classic and reimagined.
This anthology features stories from S.E. Clancy, Jebraun Clifford, J.M. Hackman, E.J. Kitchens, Laurie Lucking, and Tori V. Rainn.

Encircled will release on April 16th - less than a month away! Make sure to stop by Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple Books, or Kobo to take advantage of the pre-order price of $1.99 (it will go up to $2.99 later in April). And you can add it to your to-read list on Goodreads! Here are some ways to connect with the other amazing authors I worked with on this project:

If you haven't signed up for the Encircled Blog Tour yet, you can find the signup form HERE. Thanks for stopping by, we can't wait to share our fairy tale retellings with you!

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