It's here!! Encircled is finally here!!!!! The third published book with my words in it, and the first in which I played a significant role in the publishing process (beyond just the writing, of course!). What began with my critique group getting excited about a contest for fairy tale retellings and my vision of a modern-day Snow White character encountering a dryad prince on her strolls in the forest has turned into a gorgeous, real-life book! (For more behind-the-scenes details on how my Snow White retelling, "Edged in Silver," came about, make sure to check out my guest post on Kandi J. Wyatt's blog!)

Despite having an amazing critique group and loving the idea of putting together our own anthology of fairy tale retellings, I'll admit there were many points along this journey when I thought it was never going to happen. When several members of our group who initially started on stories had to back out. When we tried to wrap our minds around the amount of investment and work it would take to publish a high-quality product ourselves. When we faced list after list of difficult questions we had to agree on in order to move forward.

But we did it! I can honestly say that despite all the challenges and hard work, it's been a wonderful experience. Our group has really bonded through the process and worked through every disagreement with respect and good humor. Each member has given generously of her own talents and specialties to make this a true team effort, from editing to formatting to marketing. And I think all our efforts have made the reward of seeing our dream become a reality that much greater. (And seriously, isn't it gorgeous??) In fact, there may even be talk of another Ever Afters anthology in the future... :)

I hope you've enjoyed following the posts in the Encircled Blog Tour so far, I know I have! The tour wraps up on April 18th, so we still have a few days to go! (See this post to get the full schedule - I've been trying to update the links as each post goes live.) And did you hear about the giveaway?? The Ever Afters have teamed up with the Just-Us League to host an epic giveaway celebrating their fairy tale anthologies releasing in April! Enter below for a chance to win one of FOUR sets of prizes!

Grand Prize (U.S. residents only)
  • Two paperbacks (Fractured Ever After and Encircled)
  • Book cozy
  • Slipper ornament
  • 3D-printed bookmark (pick one design)
  • Set of four signed illustration prints
First Prize (U.S. residents only)
  • Two paperbacks (Fractured Ever After and Encircled)
  • “Fairy tales do come true” charm bracelet
  • 3D-printed bookmark (pick one design)
  • Set of four signed illustration prints
Second Prize (international)
  • Two ebooks (Fractured Ever After and Encircled)
  • 3D-printed bookmark (pick one design)
  • Set of four signed illustration prints
Third Prize (international)
  • Two ebooks (Fractured Ever After and Encircled)
  • Choice of 3D-printed bookmark (pick one design) *or* set of four signed illustration prints
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Here's a little more about the Just-Us League's newest anthology, Fractured Ever After:
Old classics are fractured into exciting new tales in this international collection of magic, mystery, and adventure.

Some heroes go searching for their happily ever after: a dragon cocoon hunter explores the dangerous woods for his sleeping beauty; a prince forces a perfect romance on an unsuspecting maiden; and when a girl leaves town, she must quickly decide to trust—or be wary of—a new stranger.

Destiny is thrust upon others: a disconnected emperor struggles to retain his title; a frog prince leaves his pond in search of answers; and after Rapunzel is rescued, a new quest is awarded to her savior.

Whether it is destiny or choice, all actions have consequences: sibling rivalry pushes one little piggy to extremes and a princess must choose to follow her heart or step up as future queen.

Prepare for an adventure as these eight fantastic fairy tales transport you to places beyond your imagination.

Fractured Ever After is the Just-Us League’s seventh anthology, an illustrated collection of fractured fairy tales. It can be preordered here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07Q5H39GH.

Thanks so much to everyone who has helped spread the word about Encircled through the cover reveal, blog tour, Instagram photo challenge, and in so many other ways! We're so very grateful, and we hope you love our stories!!

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