A long-overdue ACFW Conference recap

Hello friends!! It's been a while (again...)! I apologize for my long absence, but I at least have a good excuse - I've been writing! More on that in a bit, first I'll start with the promised recap from the ACFW Conference now that I've had over a month to process :)

The conference was amazing!! San Antonio is apparently still very hot in late September, but most of the event was indoors, anyway, and I did enjoy my excursions out onto the beautiful River Walk. The conference itself had wonderful content, from practical tips on writing and marketing to inspiring sessions about the spiritual aspects of being a Christian writer and staying positive and focused on what's important. It was exciting and humbling to have a "Finalist" ribbon on my name badge (in case you missed it, Common was named as a finalist in the Young Adult category of the ACFW Carol Awards!!! Eeeeeek!), and although Common didn't win, being surrounded by so many amazingly talented authors was a powerful reminder of just what an honor it was to be among such company. And I couldn't be more excited for the winners!! God is doing incredible things in my life and the lives of so many fellow authors, which is awesome to see.

I'd been so torn about going (I had to leave my 4-month-old baby home, after all!), but this conference was so steeped in knowledge, wisdom, and prayer, which was exactly what I needed! After spending a fun day touring San Antonio with my lovely aunt, I came home feeling reinvigorated and ready to write! In the month since I've been back, I've finally hit my stride with Traitor, Book Two in my Tales of the Mystics series, and have already doubled my manuscript's word count! If I can keep up this momentum, I'm hoping to have my first draft completed by the end of the year - yay!! I SO appreciate everyone's patience as this story has slowly come together in the midst of life's many interruptions.

I hope you're all having a great Fall, I'm hoping to post again soon with even more exciting updates!

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