Traitor Cover Reveal and Release Date!!!!

My friends! I hope your 2021 is off to a wonderful start! I am through-the-roof excited because it's COVER REVEAL DAY FOR TRAITOR!!!!!!! Eeeeeeek! This book has been...a process, to say the least. While I loved the concept of writing a story following Princess Penelope after the events of Common (a brilliant idea from my editor inspired by the mention of Princess Penelope in Leah's letter epilogue), I had only ever viewed her as a villain (albeit a conflicted one!). So the first draft was slow-going in may places as I sorted through this new leg of Penelope's journey and came to connect with her character on a more personal level. 

In the meantime, challenges outside my writing life often left me with little time and even less creative energy to pour into this new story. Losses that left deep internal scars, but also the joyous birth of our third child, who brings so many smiles and snuggles to our entire family. After a perfectly-timed writing conference, I finally felt inspired to make the final push toward finishing Traitor, resulting in months of feverish writing and editing. It felt like such a MAJOR accomplishment to send the manuscript off to my publisher!

Then 2020 hit. Uncertainty, delays, a whole new way of life. Our family has been so fortunate to maintain good health and relative stability throughout, but the pandemic has shaken so many on both personal and industry-wide levels. While we're not through it yet, it's been such a breath of hope to see certain aspects of life start to resume some semblance of normalcy and many things that were delayed starting to move forward again. Including my book!!!!

So that's a very long-winded way of saying: thank you for bearing with me during the long dry spell between Common and Traitor! I truly believe that everything that's come in between has made Traitor a better, more powerful addition to my Tales of the Mystics series, and I'm so thrilled with how it turned out. But I know it's been a LONG wait, and I couldn't be more grateful for your patience in sticking with me through it all! Which makes me oh so very excited to share that Traitor is set to release on April 27th!!!!! I can't wait!!

And did I mention it has a cover? Would you like to see it?? I'm pretty sure the answer is yes (especially if you've stuck with me this far already, ha!), because Love2ReadLove2Write Publishing has once again blown me away with their stunning work! 😍 It's just so gorgeous!!!!

So without further ado...

Drumroll please...




Isn't it just lovely?! I love the beautiful dress and architecture, and her downturned face combined with the light streaming in through the arches captures her journey in the book so well. *happy sigh*

Want to know more? Here's the back cover blurb:

Princess Penelope has finally found a way to redeem her past mistakes—if only it didn’t require betraying her new fiancĂ©.

Princess Penelope has been the object of gossip and ridicule ever since she returned home in disgrace following her failed engagement to the Crown Prince of Imperia. When her father offers a new start in a country far across the sea, she has no choice but to accept.

Even if it means another betrothal, this time to a total stranger.

Penelope arrives in Delunia determined to avoid bringing further shame upon her family. But her devoted, caring fiancĂ© makes it harder to guard her heart than she anticipated, and rumors of dark magic haunt her with memories she’d rather keep buried far beneath her pristine exterior.

When a poverty-stricken village outside the palace gates looks to her as their hope for a brighter future, Penelope embraces the opportunity to make amends for her transgressions. But in order to help, she must manipulate her new fiancé, putting her reputation on the line once more. And her heart.

Can Penelope rise above the failures of her past, or will she forever be branded a traitor?

Only a few more months until I get to share this amazing story with you! Be on the lookout for an update on Traitor pre-orders soon! Thank you so much for celebrating with me today!!

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