Traitor Release Day!!! Welcoming My Second Book into the World

YOU GUYS!!!!! We finally made it! Traitor is here!!! I'm SO grateful for and encouraged by the enthusiasm you've all shown for this book, and it means the world to me that you've been willing to wait THREE YEARS for Traitor after the release of Common. The journey has been long and challenging, but so worth it!

Releasing my second full-length novel into the world has me sifting through such a flurry of emotions. Relief (it's finally here!), shock (wait, it's April 27th already?!?), and satisfaction (I did have more than one book in me after all!) are definitely among them. Also a fair amount of trepidation. When Common released, there was some fear of the unknown, but it was easily overcome by the rush of being a first-time author. 

This time, I know what to fear. I know what it's like to see negative reviews with the sinking feeling that a reader didn't understand or connect with my story. I know what it's like to watch Amazon rankings take a nose-dive and to lose momentum while everyone around me seems to be progressing faster and farther. I know what it's like to wonder whether I truly have the strength and creative energy to produce another quality book. Then there are the worries that the fans of Common might be disappointed by this next installment!

But despite the fears and anxieties, I'm grinning. In fact, I've been grinning for weeks. Because I also know the amazing experiences that await me - that are already in progress - due to this new book release. Reaching new readers who will connect with my characters and eagerly join in their adventures. Having friends and neighbors share that they enjoyed my book or passed it on to a friend or niece or co-worker. Discovering the themes and connections readers find in my words that I didn't even intend. Signing books for family members, friends, and strangers, renewing my awe that this dream really did come true.

How perfect that Princess Penelope's story in Traitor corresponds so well with all these mixed feelings! She's definitely a little sadder and wiser than shy, innocent Leah from Common. But the mistakes in her past set her up for an even deeper, richer path as she moves forward toward hope and redemption, learning that it's never too late to find her own happily-ever-after. I hope you love her story!! Make sure to check out the other stops on the blog tour for lots of behind-the-scenes looks at the characters, setting, and writing process, plus some sneak peeks at what's coming next in the Tales of the Mystics! Not to mention some reviews that have absolutely made my heart melt :) Thank you so much for celebrating with me today, friends!!

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